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Разглеждам си аз тапетчета в един сайт и изведнъж попадам на аниме,което за първи път чувам.Казва се Yami To Boushi To Hon No Tabito.Да обаче в интернет почти няма информация за него!Най-накрая успях да намеря това:

This 13 episode anime depicts the stories of the many people who encounter Eve, who is suppose to be the Guardian of the Library (or so I've dubbed her), but has elected to freeload off her sister, Ririsu, and dive into the many worlds that each of the books hold. The anime focuses on one person who had been affected by Eve's presents the most, a girl named Hatsuki. Hatsuki had fallen in love with Eve, who had acted as Hatsuki's adopted older sister in that world. Basically, the story continues as they travel through the worlds in search for Eve, encountering many different people who have also met Eve. Now, the story itself seems pretty solid. I don't believe there is an anime that has a story quite like this one. You can see the different sides of the main character, Hatsuki, during some of the episodes, but most of the time, she's very monoemotion (as with the rest of the characters). The basic idea for the story is the personalities of the different people who have met with Eve and how they were affected by it. We get to see lovesick Hatsuki, who will dive through all the worlds in order to find her. Garu, the highly flamboyant man who will stop at nothing to have Eve. Ririsu, Eve's older sister and total flake, who is angry at Eve for ditching her in the library...among many others.

На мен ми струва адски интересно,но явно все още го няма.Много моля ако някой е попадал на това аниме да го качи някаде!Onegaiiii!!! :cry:

4chan - thanks to you,i'll never be the same again.

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Напиши нова тема Отговори на тема  [ 1 мнение ] 

Часовете са според зоната UTC + 2 часа [ DST ]

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